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A Swim

All right. So here’s another Chustin drabble thing I wrote because I felt kind of bad for writing something so angsty the last time. Unfortunately, I don’t think it turned out as good as the other one did. So sorry about that.

Chustin’s thing for water inspired me.

We’re going to pretend that Charlie’s plan is completely logical. We’re also going to pretend that this isn’t the most stupid idea that I’ve ever come up with for a story. Don’t laugh at my awful writing, it can’t be helped.

Also the only reason why I’m posting this is because whsbandgeek wants to read it and I’m sure she’ll check tumblr before skype

And also because I’m going to try to post as much crap as possible since school starts tomorrow and this is my way of making the most of my last day of freedom


A Swim

Charlie pushed himself off from the dock and swam through the water, relishing the cool sensation that lapped at his skin. After a while, however, he began to remember that nine in the morning really was not the best time for this sort of thing. A shiver rippled through his body, and he began to regret his original plan.

Nevertheless, he took a deep breath, forced himself to calm down, then dove down into the murky depths of the water in an attempt to get some feeling back into his body. The cold was really getting to some parts of him, parts of him that had never felt so numb.

Ah well, in the end, it will be worth it. Even if I die of hypothermia.

… The things I do for you, Justin.

Lazily, he drifted back up to the surface, floated on his back, closed his eyes…

And then he waited.

With each passing second, his heart beat faster and faster.

Any second now.


At last. What he had been waiting for.

The sound of his voice.

Quickly, before he gave anything away, Charlie pulled himself up until he was as upright as he could possibly be, meanwhile ensuring that the bottom half of his body was covered by the darkness of the water.


“What are you doing?” The British boy said with a faint smile as he stepped up to the edge of the dock, his toes hanging over the edge. “It’s too early for the water to be warm. It can’t be terribly pleasant in there.”

“What does it look like? I’m going for a swim,” Charlie replied as nonchalantly as he could while he tried to keep his teeth from chattering. Dear god, why am I doing this again? –

Justin frowned as if he could sense the suspiciousness in the whole situation. Which he probably could, because Charlie had never been good at planning romance. He turned his head to the side slightly, and Charlie had a feeling he knew what he was staring at.

“Why? And why are your swimming trunks over here – “

Suddenly, Justin whirled around and met Charlie’s gaze, his eyes wide.

“Well, you see, Justin, I’m, what’s the word… Skinny-dipping.”

Charlie did not miss the sharp intake of breath. Or the way the Hanover prefect’s pupils had dilated. Satisfaction bloomed within him; perhaps his plan wasn’t going to be a complete failure.

At last, Justin spoke.

“Isn’t skinny-dipping more fun with more than one person?”

Charlie grinned. He knew Justin would catch on quickly.

“Well, then. Will you join me?”

He watched the other boy intently, saw his Adam’s apple bob as Justin swallowed, observed his muscles tensing and relaxing.

Finally, Justin slipped his hands under his own shirt and began to strip down. He went so very slowly, revealing skin stretched tightly over muscles inch by damn inch. Charlie would have complained, if it hadn’t been for the spectacular view.

Two minutes later, Justin slipped into the water and made his way over to Charlie. When they were a mere foot apart, he slipped his arms around Charlie’s neck.

“I thought you’d never ask.”

The whisper sent chills down Charlie’s spine that had nothing to do with the water.

Justin trailed his lips from Charlie’s ear, across his cheekbone, to his nose, to his jawline, before latching onto his mouth.

Oh yeah. It had definitely been worth it.

And if the lake was still too cold… It wouldn’t take long to run to the bedroom, now would it?

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