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Snapshots [1]

So… After much persuasion from Whsbandgeek, I have decided to put this up for all to see. She and I were in a private RP over FB, which is how these little blurbs came to be. I played Adam and Logan, and she played Julian; we both played various other characters. Um… Enjoy, I guess?


Dark eyes darted left and right, rapidly taking in the pixelated text and pictures. Pale, spindly fingers flew across the keyboard, the sounds of the keys being pressed clattering loudly in his ears.

It was so easy to lose himself in this universe, he mused, this digital universe of information. There were so many things he could learn, from just a word typed hastily into the search bar. So many things he could see, with just a click of the mouse. He’d become so absorbed in the happenings of the internet, carefully constructing his own identity on all the fan sites, that he’d almost come to believe that reality was in this tiny 11 inch screen, and everything else was a lie.


Because there was something the internet could not give him, something that he wanted more than anything in the world.

Something that would soon be his, all his – whether anyone else liked it or not.


The force with which he slammed shut the laptop was astonishing. Adam Clavell spun his head around, his eyes meeting those of the boy who lived next door to him. He couldn’t recall his name.


“Everything all right?”

“Yes… What makes you think it’s not?” The lie tumbled effortlessly from his lips. No, everything was not all right, because Julian still thought he was just some fanboy.

He was more than just a fanboy. He was the actor’s savior.

How could he make Julian see that Adam was the best thing that had ever happened to him?

There were ways, yes indeed.

The thoughts of them made Adam positively giddy.

Luckily for him, the nameless boy had walked away already.

Adam got up from his chair, stretched his long arms, rubbed his eyes…

Walked out of his room, down the stairs, through the doors…

Made his way to the Stuart dorms.

Soon, soon, soon. The word repeated over and over again in his mind like a demented mantra. Soon, Adam would be able to touch more than a glossy photograph cut haphazardly from a magazine. Soon all of his dreams and fantasies would be real.

Soon, Julian would see.

Not soon enough.

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